Ideal Talent
Goal-oriented mindset
Goal-oriented problem solver who challenges themselves to achieve goals
Secure expertise by self-development
Professional who wishes to grow along
with changes with the learning mindset
Respect teamwork
Multiplier who cooperates with other
members of the company for greater results
We are looking for talents that exert their expertise based on
mutual respect and communication.
바이오녹스 핵심가치
자기 개발을 통한
회사의 발전
서로 존중하는
커뮤니케이션 및 협업
최고 수준의 기술개발을 통한
글로벌 리더쉽의 창출
Work & Life Balance
Flexible working hours
Support for self-development
(Korean/English classes)
Lunch seminar
(twice a week)
Support for
seminars in Korea
and overseas
Cultural Event
Autumn workshop
Financial support for
Support for clubs
Expenditure support
for congratulations
and condolences
Expenditure for congratulations and
condolences related to the employee,
their children, parents,
and partner’s parents
Gift for national
Medical checkup
for employees
Once a year