Product currently under development is
an immune-modulating oncolytic virus
"mOTS-400" platform and autologous
cell therapy "UTTA CAR-T cell" We are focused
primarily on developing cutting-edge
biological products targeting solid tumors.
BIONOXX’s Mission
We aim to develop immuno-oncology drugs
based on in-depth translational research and know-how.
Develop cancer immunotherapies based on constant translational research
BIONOXX’s Core Values
Growth of the company
through self-development
Ensure personal and
product integrity
Communication and cooperation
with mutual respect
Communicate and
collaborate with respect
Creation of global leadership through
top-notch technology development
Promote personal and
organizational improvement
Soobeom Yi
Economics, Seoul National University
MBA, Stanford University
(former) SEVP, Wonik Investment Partners Co. Ltd.
(former) CEO, F&V Partners Inc.
(former) CEO, Nemo Partners Inc.
Tae-Ho Hwang
School of Dentistry, Pusan National University (PNU)
Director & Professor of Medical Research Center (MRC), Pusan National University School of Medicine.
Director of Clinical Trial Center, Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital
15-years global experience in oncolytic virus development
Major authorship of multiple publication in Lancet Oncology, Nature Medicine, Science Translation
Medicine etc.
Mong Cho
Medical School, PNU
Professor of Medical School, PNU
Board of Director, Korean Association for the Study of the Liver
Director of Treatment, Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital
Experience in leading clinical studies on oncolytic virus
Principle Investigator of multiple clinical studies on cancer immunotherapeutics